Anniversary and Guest Books

This time a year ago, I had just said ” I do” to my very best friend. While it did rain ALL DAY LONG, it was one of the happiest days of my life. I love going back and looking at pictures and remembering all the wonderful family and friends that helped make the day so special.

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Today on our first anniversary, we got to enjoy in a special part of our wedding, that we will get to take part in for many years of our marriage. And of course got to taste our year old cupcakes, that were still really tasty!

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I had seen on pinterest where someone had used wine bottles as a guest book for their wedding. I thought it would be neat to add to it and have a bottle of wine (or for year one, champagne) for anniversaries 1, 5, 10, 15 and 20, that way we could look back and see all the people who enjoyed our day with us! It took a bit of convincing to get others to see how this could be so neat, but one person that was on board from the beginning was my Aunt who lives in france. She and my Uncle, very graciously said that for our wedding present they wanted to provide the wine for our guest book/anniversaries. It turned out absolutely perfect!

I used a green (fit the wedding colors) wine rack I had for our kitchen to display the bottles and we left a pin and a small sign explaining what they were for so people could sign. We may have had an issue with the pens “exploding” but we had a lot of people sign before this and we now have a pen with the display in our house incase anyone wants to sign that didn’t get to.


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As for the display, Joe made a beautiful wine rack for our dining room, as the wine has to stay still, especially the ones that need to last 15, 20 years, but we wanted to still be able to see and enjoy them. It makes a perfect addition to the room, and once we finish a bottle we can put the empty one right back up to continue to enjoy the signatures.

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What interesting guest books have you seen?


Wedding Card Memories

In the middle of the wedding planning process I came across a pin on pinterest on how how to save all your special cards from weddings, baby showers, etc.. and make a cute little book so you can go back and look at your cards anytime without having the clutter or cards thrown all about.

Last weekend was one of the many weekends where Joe worked during the day so I had several projects I wanted to tackle. One of them being, doing something about the large stack of wedding cards I had stuck in a drawer in an upstairs bedroom. I’ve always been a bit of a hoarder and I mean there are so many sweet notes and encouragement written on the cards for the wonderful gifts we received during wedding showers and at the wedding, how could I throw those away.

It was time to start a pinterest project and create my wedding card memory books.

What you need:

special cards you want to use
hole puncher
loose leaf binder rings, or some sort of ribbon ( I bought a variety pack of different size binder rings )
Paper or fabric if you want to make a cover
Optional: box of tissues, in case you tear up while re-reading all your cards

Almost self explanatory after reading items needed. But, I had a lot of cards I wanted to save and decided I’d probably be making more than one book, so I separated my cards into 2 sets of sizes. Large cards and tiny cards. Also note, I did have to cut down on the amount of cards, I’m really working on this hoarder thing. It was tough, but the cards with just a name, didn’t make the cut, when I go back through these I wanted to read the sweet, funny and caring notes.



Then I simply hole punched 1-2 (depending on size of card) holes in each card, put the binder ring on each. Then I created  a basic cover with a colored piece of paper and used a “Mr & Mrs” stamp I already had for a little decoration.

See finished product below:


It really was fun going through all the cards again, I mean how fun will it be to look back and see the card I got from Mickey and Minnie saying congratulations or the funny and sweet cards from my family and friends with wedding advice, the heart-felt notes from a family friend and an Uncle who were unable to attend the wedding and the hand-written note that I will forever cherish from my Aunt Nana (my Great Aunt).

Fun, easy, project that will help save memories, my favorite. Also think this would be a great idea for cards you get when you bring a baby home, and then when the child is older, you can read them all the cards they got, would be neat for them to see how excited everyone was to meet them!

Important Dates and New Beginnings

I’ve had some really special and important (to me) moments in my life. But two that are pretty high up there are March 19, 2013 and shortly after, May 4, 2013. These two days dramatically changed my life forever and have created two wonderful journeys to embark on.

March 19: Somewhat against the advice of our family and friends, Joe and I decided we wanted to start our lives together in our own home. I had moved every year, from home to apartment to apartment, since college and he seemed to keep moving city to city (Milledgeville, Stone Mountain, Macon, Roswell) and we wanted a place to stick our roots in.


Looking back on it, I completely understand the fears and nay-says we were getting for looking for our dream home while planning a wedding, it was stressful. But all in all, we consider ourselves very lucky for finding a house in  only 3 months, with a couple of small hiccups along the way. We were just waiting for the sky to drop, for something to go immeasurably wrong, but it didn’t. We bought our dream home and oh the joys it has brought us.

Snap shot of our first home:


May 4, 2013 – As of today, this was the very best day of my life. The day i married Joe and became Mrs. Glaze.


I always thought, that with a degree that involved a lot of event planning experience and a job that requires a good percentage of my time planning sales meetings and trade shows that planning my wedding would be a cinch. WRONG. It was a stressful time but it turned out just perfect, wet, but perfect.  Yes we tied the knot in the rain, the pouring, never-ending rain, but our “wet-knot” day was the very best.

NOW…after those two days, life is different, it’s an adventure. I’ve learned the truth to the statement: “pick your battles”, there have been sink holes, and leaks and projects, dinners have been made, walls are getting decorated, arguments have been had, laughs have been heard; life as a married home-owner has begun. But more on that later….