Master Bath Makeover!

I’m sitting here, while Joe is working a night shift, in our HOT, un-airconditioned house on another night of dreary, MUGGY rain. Yes, at the end of July, for the second time in a MONTH, we are without air conditioning, in need of a new electrical board and now possibly new parts for the air conditioner, Β AND (yes, much smaller of a deal) the kitchen light won’t turn on because the the big bulbs are out… Sometimes, being a homeowner SUCKS, but I must say, I am very thankful for a cooler than normal summer, and I am in LOVE with our most recent project in our home.

So, I am skipping ahead of the many additions, and Hubby-made projects to deflect my un-happiness to our new/updated MASTER BATHROOM! A pinterest project, that turned out better than I’d imagined, and now our GOLD, outdated bathroom, is just how I wanted! Take a peek!



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Birthday Paint

You know you’re a new home-owner with a tight budget when your husband asks you what you want for your birthday and you ask if we can do some house projects.

We have most of our house in a very livable, even enjoyable state, except our open living and dining rooms. It is an area away from the areas we use the most, but unfortunately it is our main entry way to the house. So, while I get excited to show family and friends the rest of the house, they enter into an area that is used to house wedding presents we haven’t found a place for yet, a dining room table that never gets used, and a couch that needs to be re-covered.

So, the hubby and I went shopping for paint and tried out a couple of colors and luckily he had two days off during the week and while I worked I received this sweet text picture.


The painting has started at the Glaze household

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