Easter Wreath!

It has been a rough winter, cold and snowy for Atlanta. Two actual snowed in days during different weeks, craziness. It was rather pretty.

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While I did enjoy my snow angels and snow ball fights and empty roads, the taste of warmer weather we’ve been getting the last couple of weeks has been HEAVEN! That being said, my snow many wreath…needed to go.

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With Easter approaching I wanted a new fun wreath to help celebrate new life, new flowers, warm weather and Easter! So I did the usual and headed to pinterest and found this lovely tutorial! I’d take you through my process of making it, but I’m a bad blogger who didn’t remember to take photos.

I bought yarn at Joann’s, got my little plastic eggs and foam wreath and headed to work. This takes a bit of time, and can be very frustrating. There were so many times I glued/burnt my finger, the yarn started coming off, or I let out one of my annoyed hrumphs just because I looked at the number of eggs I still needed to cover… But the hubby has been working a lot of nights lately, so that left me home with not much to do sometimes. – so perfect time to sit in front of the tv and wrap eggs with yarn and glue… Take heed – when the tutorial says LOTS of glue sticks..they meant LOTS of glue sticks. My project actually got put on hold a couple nights until I was able to break away from work at lunch on day to go buy more glue sticks. But it is finished! I love it!

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It is now sitting pretty on the front door, enjoying the changing of colors outside! Now…to look for a spring wreath! 🙂

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Halloween Decor

So as I’ve said before, holidays were a big thing with my family growing up. Decorations for them all. As our first real holiday in the house approaches….HAAPY HALLOWEEN….. I’ve realized 2 things…

1. (cute) Decorations cost a lot

2. It really takes time to accumulate things you feel proud to decorate your house with (this is true in general with decorations, not just holiday focused…it’s been a hard thing for me to realize, when I want everything perfect NOW).

So, I don’t have many decorations this year, and I feel this will probably remain true until we eventually add “little Glazes” to the mix, as it will mean more as a family. But, I”m happy with my start.

A mini tour of Halloween at the Glaze household this year…




I’ve decided to do a kitty picture and holiday print for every holiday! Excited about the kitty holiday pictures to come!


Didn’t turn out as good as planned, but made this from mason jar tops and a wine cork!

Front door:


Image see how to make this Halloween Wreath


Living room/Piano Room:



loving these creepy photos


the scare crow came from Dollar Tree..not uber cute, but for a dollar, come on!

That’s it for now.. we still have to carve pumpkins, but that will be all for this year.

I know my talented hubby will be making a kick butt pumpkin again that will be worth sharing! So be on the lookout for that!

Halloween Wreath – How To

My family was always big on holiday directions, Halloween, Easter, Christmas, valentines day, you name it, my mom decorated the house for it. Nothing overboard, but always a little something to get us excited about the upcoming day. I’ve been excited about decorating our house for holidays as well, but I’ve realized that decorations are better accumulated over time, they requite money and time… I figured most of my decorations will have to come as years go by, and so I can buy them when they go on sale right after they are over 🙂

But, I saw this cute Halloween wreath on etsy and thought… I could make something like that. It turned out to be really easy, and a fun project one Sunday afternoon while Joe worked. 

Here’s what I ended up with!


Find out how to make it!

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