Merry Christmas ( a day late)

This was intended to be posted yesterday, but as we left the house at 10:30 in the morning and did not return until 11:30 at night, I went straight to bed.

It was such a wonderful day. Love spending time with both sets of families. Love, friends and family, that and the birth of our wonderful Savior is what Christmas is all about.

A little reminder of this and one of my favorite traditions of Christmas is The Jesse Tree.


I’m not sure where this originated from, and I’m sure my grandmother did not come up with the idea on her own, but in my mind and heart, this is a creation from my Nana and is one of the reasons I love it so much. So what is it?

A book and a felt tree  (made by my Nana) that hangs on the wall is a perfect way to keep Christ still in Christmas during all the Santa, HOLIDAY and presents that seem to take over at times. Starting the end of November, usually right after Thanksgiving. You read one page a day. There is a bible verse to read and then a story and prayer. It is a quick overview that takes you through many highlights of the bible. From Adam and Eve, Noah, Joseph’s many colored coat, Elijah, Moses and much much more.


It is something we did every night growing up as our blessing before dinner and I’m so happy that Joe has allowed me to continue this in our home. Yes, it will probably be more exciting when we have kids, but it is still a reminder that Christ is the main reason for Christmas and the walk through the bible it takes you on reminds you to take time for your friends, family and GOD during all the holiday craziness, stress at work and any other drama that may take you away from enjoying the real important things in life.

So even though I’m a day late. Merry Christmas and HAPPY Birthday to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ!



Horrible Blogger

I’ve been a horrible blogger and a horrible testament to my love of holidays! Work and a terrible cold has kept me down the last month and even though I fought the Christmas rush that overcomes Thanksgiving, my blog didn’t show that!

I completely left out Thanksgiving! I did take some pictures of my Thanksgiving decorations, but honestly we didn’t do much. Our first Thanksgiving as a married couple was actually very nice. We made the decision to stop trying to do two Thanksgivings in one day, where we end up not having enough time to enjoy either family or the wonderful food. So we have decided on Thanksgiving we will swap sides of the family, this year was at the Glaze’s and it was great!

So super short post, but I promise a lot of Christmas posts are to come, decorations, crafts, cooking, I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

Leave you with a purchase I made that serves as both Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations! I absolutely love it!






It’s so fun and a great addition to my piano top decor. You can buy one on stickwithmevinyl‘s etsy shop! She has lots of cute things!


Vacation Wisdom and Relaxation

These last week was extremely needed and well appreciated. After my birthday on Thursday, with a wonderful night out with my love, and the longest Friday work day there has ever been, Joe and I started our vacation! We technically didn’t leave for vacation until Labor day, but a weekend where neither of us had to work was the perfect start to our relaxation. 

My parents had a condo reserved in Dunedin, Fl for the week and asked if Joe and I wanted to join them. Of course we decided it would be a perfect bout of relaxation that we both needed after a couple of draining work weeks for both of us. And that it was. Full of sunsets, swimming, family, laughs, Busch Garden animals and rides, a little bit of lack of sleep and walks on the beach. 


perfect day at the beach

Going to the beach has always made me think, God’s beauty is so evident, it’s very hard to ignore, and I often leave with an updated view on things. This time I thought a lot about Joe and my marriage, how very happy he makes me, and the things I have learned since we’ve been married. 

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