Anniversary and Guest Books

This time a year ago, I had just said ” I do” to my very best friend. While it did rain ALL DAY LONG, it was one of the happiest days of my life. I love going back and looking at pictures and remembering all the wonderful family and friends that helped make the day so special.

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Today on our first anniversary, we got to enjoy in a special part of our wedding, that we will get to take part in for many years of our marriage. And of course got to taste our year old cupcakes, that were still really tasty!

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I had seen on pinterest where someone had used wine bottles as a guest book for their wedding. I thought it would be neat to add to it and have a bottle of wine (or for year one, champagne) for anniversaries 1, 5, 10, 15 and 20, that way we could look back and see all the people who enjoyed our day with us! It took a bit of convincing to get others to see how this could be so neat, but one person that was on board from the beginning was my Aunt who lives in france. She and my Uncle, very graciously said that for our wedding present they wanted to provide the wine for our guest book/anniversaries. It turned out absolutely perfect!

I used a green (fit the wedding colors) wine rack I had for our kitchen to display the bottles and we left a pin and a small sign explaining what they were for so people could sign. We may have had an issue with the pens “exploding” but we had a lot of people sign before this and we now have a pen with the display in our house incase anyone wants to sign that didn’t get to.


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As for the display, Joe made a beautiful wine rack for our dining room, as the wine has to stay still, especially the ones that need to last 15, 20 years, but we wanted to still be able to see and enjoy them. It makes a perfect addition to the room, and once we finish a bottle we can put the empty one right back up to continue to enjoy the signatures.

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What interesting guest books have you seen?