Meet the Glaze’s

My name is Dana Glaze and I am a first time home-owner and newly wed!

I married my best friend and love of my life, Joe, on May 4,2013. This was  just  two months after we bought our first home. We had dated for 5 years before we got married and were close friends for 3 years before that. We had several bouts of being together long-distance and a short few where we were just a few miles, and what felt like hours of traffic from each other. This is our first time living together and our first time owning property, and let me tell you, it is a learning experience.

jd collage

By day, I am marketer and tradeshow planner; by evening, a wife, cat wrangler, cook, home decorator, “crafter” extraordinaire.

We have two precious and extremely fluffy kitties, Juno and Hashbrowns. One was mine, the other his; they do not get along, it IS amusing at times.

My friends and family are the world to me.
I try to live by the mantra of “no matter how busy you are, there should always be room left for a beer with a friend”

I am a planner, almost to a fault, even more so because my husband is the complete opposite.

From day one, my husband, has referred to me as an enigma and probably will for the rest of our lives and I’m OK with that

I do not have a green thumb and it’s an experience having a very manicured yard to not destroy.

I have a small obsession with cows 

As social as I want and try to be, I’m really more of an introvert. While I love to be around people, it takes a lot of energy for me.

We do not have all the answers and are far from perfect, as this blog will probably show you. But this is our adventure of turning a house into a home, a new marriage into a life long love, of hopefully raising a few little “glaze’s” (in the future) and all the laughs, bumps, tears and joys along the way


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