Hubby-Made: Bar/Server Table

This spring was extremely busy. I don’t think I spent more than 1 day of a weekend home from the end of April to the end of June. But, I did get to go on two work trips, a small girls weekend, a beach family vacation, lake trips, see out-of town guests, celebrate friends and weddings, so a lot of wonderful things, just not at home a lot. 

Some of those busy times, unfortunately did not include Joe, and one of the ways he spent his time while I was away was by being his wonderful, creative, handy self and making something for our home!

My request? Something for the empty wall by our front door in the dining room, a server table of sorts. What he created? That and so much more! It’s a perfect bar/server, with a wine rack and wine glass holder! 



Yes…his little motorcycles are currently on it, they will not remain, just haven’t figured out what to decorate with yet. 

He made this while was on a really long work trip to orlando. And teased me with pictures throughout the week of his progress, but he was at work when I returned and had left me a note not to peek in the shed to see the table, and knowing I would anyway, he had locked, and taken ALL the keys with him 🙂 

But unbeknownst to me… he had already moved the table inside and into the dining room, which is separated from the “lived-in” areas of the house and rarely entered. And after a few texts with threats to break into the shed to see the table from me, he finally told me to check the dining room!

and there it was!!

unnamed-5 unnamed-6 unnamed-7

Beautiful! It even has painted green doors, he knows me so well. And my very favorite part, the top. It looks like a distressed wood of some sort, but it is actually tile! So perfect for hot dishes and resistant to water! He’s so smart! 

Now, he had been debating back and forth on whether he wanted to add some kind of knob or pull onto the drawers and I didn’t know it was still bugging him until a couple of weeks ago, when he found, and added two old bottle opens as drawer pulls




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