The Mantel

The fireplace is the hearth of the home, the mantel the most pivotal of decoration space. I have had had the hardest time deciding what goes on our mantel, whether everyday decor, or any and every holiday. Christmas was no different, but I believe I like it!

Another project for hubby was created when I saw a this NOEL decor on pinterest, I knew I wanted one. I bought a small branch wreath and had Joe make me the letters out of wood. I painted my letters, as you might have been able to tell from my last post and created my noel.

I haven’t fallen absolutely in love with my version of NOEL, but I”m definitely happy enough with it for this year. As I’ve said before, decorations cost time and MONEY and I am just fine accumulating much of it over time. On the mantel, I think the NOEL looks great in addition to my ornament wreath (that I made a couple of years ago), my yarn trees I bought last year after Christmas, my very own home-made jingle-bell tree and the two picture frames filled with holiday themed printables (one Christmas kitty and one awesome verse collage in the shape of a tree) and of course a stocking and a warm fire help to make the perfect (at least for now) mantel!



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