Horrible Blogger

I’ve been a horrible blogger and a horrible testament to my love of holidays! Work and a terrible cold has kept me down the last month and even though I fought the Christmas rush that overcomes Thanksgiving, my blog didn’t show that!

I completely left out Thanksgiving! I did take some pictures of my Thanksgiving decorations, but honestly we didn’t do much. Our first Thanksgiving as a married couple was actually very nice. We made the decision to stop trying to do two Thanksgivings in one day, where we end up not having enough time to enjoy either family or the wonderful food. So we have decided on Thanksgiving we will swap sides of the family, this year was at the Glaze’s and it was great!

So super short post, but I promise a lot of Christmas posts are to come, decorations, crafts, cooking, I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

Leave you with a purchase I made that serves as both Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations! I absolutely love it!






It’s so fun and a great addition to my piano top decor. You can buy one on stickwithmevinyl‘s etsy shop! She has lots of cute things!



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