Halloween Decor

So as I’ve said before, holidays were a big thing with my family growing up. Decorations for them all. As our first real holiday in the house approaches….HAAPY HALLOWEEN….. I’ve realized 2 things…

1. (cute) Decorations cost a lot

2. It really takes time to accumulate things you feel proud to decorate your house with (this is true in general with decorations, not just holiday focused…it’s been a hard thing for me to realize, when I want everything perfect NOW).

So, I don’t have many decorations this year, and I feel this will probably remain true until we eventually add “little Glazes” to the mix, as it will mean more as a family. But, I”m happy with my start.

A mini tour of Halloween at the Glaze household this year…




I’ve decided to do a kitty picture and holiday print for every holiday! Excited about the kitty holiday pictures to come!


Didn’t turn out as good as planned, but made this from mason jar tops and a wine cork!

Front door:


Image see how to make this Halloween Wreath


Living room/Piano Room:



loving these creepy photos


the scare crow came from Dollar Tree..not uber cute, but for a dollar, come on!

That’s it for now.. we still have to carve pumpkins, but that will be all for this year.

I know my talented hubby will be making a kick butt pumpkin again that will be worth sharing! So be on the lookout for that!


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