Halloween Wreath – How To

My family was always big on holiday directions, Halloween, Easter, Christmas, valentines day, you name it, my mom decorated the house for it. Nothing overboard, but always a little something to get us excited about the upcoming day. I’ve been excited about decorating our house for holidays as well, but I’ve realized that decorations are better accumulated over time, they requite money and time… I figured most of my decorations will have to come as years go by, and so I can buy them when they go on sale right after they are over 🙂

But, I saw this cute Halloween wreath on etsy and thought… I could make something like that. It turned out to be really easy, and a fun project one Sunday afternoon while Joe worked. 

Here’s what I ended up with!


Find out how to make it!

What’s needed:

– Wooden letters – B, O, O ( mine are about 8 in. each, pick the size you like best, big or small)
– Ribbon, mine was burlap
– spray paint
– Small bale of Straw
– Small wire, or ties

How to:

1. I started out by painting the letters, I used black paint, but you could use orange or even white, whichever you’d like. Also, if you buy letters already a color, than this step wouldn’t be needed


2.  While the paint dried, I cut a piece of burlap and followed the directions to make the bow from this blog. The size of your bow depends on the size of your letters, I cut a piece larger than expected and when I had the bow the size I wanted, I cut off the excess. 


3. Next, start tying your letters together. I’d suggest some kind of wire, I used some hemp rope to tie them together and then knotted them on the back (non-painted side) I started with the two O’s, and then did the same when I connected the B. 



4. Using the straw, I cut small bunches out and covered the hemp/wire used to tie the letter together and wrapped them around and back to the front again, and then tied a bow. It took a couple of tries. It was turning out a bit messy.


But I found if i twirled my bunch of straw before trying to tie a bow, it looked a little cleaner. You want a little mess, it’s almost impossible with the straw to make it look perfect, but it’s easier if nothing else. Do this at both connections between the letters.




5. Next I used larger strings of straw to create something to hang the wreath with. I created a larger ring, with a knotted top from which I tied, and then glued the bow to. I then created another smaller loop from which would be used to hang the wreath on the door. 




tah dah! You are finished! See the product hanging on our front door!? No, it’s not actually October, so it may be a bit early, but it’s close enough and this weather has made me so excited about fall! Even it if is our only decoration for Halloween this year (we’ll see, I may have a couple projects, I want to try), at least I like it 🙂




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