China Cabinet Project

Since we moved in to our house just under two months before our wedding, we had a steady supply of wonderful gifts being delivered as we were settling in. Unfortunately we had no place to put all of the beautiful, non-everyday dishes and gifts, so they lay, in their boxes, lining our living and dining rooms for almost 6 months.

That is until, we were given this little beauty…


Joe’s sister was moving out of her house and had no use for their Grandmother’s china cabinet, so we were given the china cabinet to do as we wish, as long as it remained in the family.

As Joe painted our living and dining room, I got to craft and play with how I could make this family heirloom our own. Luckily, it also meant finding the floor of our living and dining room and finally unpacking all of the wonderful gifts, with which I was going to fill it with.

Time for a dinner party? :)

Time for a dinner party? 🙂

Originally my plan was to paint the whole thing, but I couldn’t decide on a color, and upon seeing it actually in the room, I realized it really did match the color of our dining room table, and maybe just needed a bit of color.

After much pinterest hunting, I decided I would use some kind of paper or paint to line the back of the shelves, just to add a little pop, and then update (and add to the misssing bottom drawers) the knobs.

I found some self adhesive shelf liner from Publix of all places, that was just the perfect green and bought a couple rolls and then set to work. Luckily my parents had just brought over the two bookcases they gave me for my birthday, and I had long cardboard boxes laying around. So, in order to not make any changes I did permanent, I decided I would put the liner or the boxes and then fit that into the cabinet.

First I measured what size I would need and cut the cardboard boxes to match.



Then I cut the shelf liner to the same size and CAREFULLY stuck it to the boxes. It took SEVERAL tries, and a couple of aggravating, almost pull your hair out, glad the husband isn’t home to see the crazy, mess-ups (see below, that sticky stuff is no joke) but I got it on.


Can’t let the hubby see all the crazy you have… best to do some projects when he is at work 🙂

After  placing the now covered boxes in the back of the cabinet, the first part of my project was complete! I was able to un pack all our gifts, and re-live the fun we had opening them for the first time, and put them on display in our china cabinet.


A couple weeks and a trip to Hobby Lobby later, I found some cute green knobs to match and Joe added them to the cabinet.



It was finally finished. Our dining room is on the way to looking complete and I am loving it!



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