Vacation Wisdom and Relaxation

These last week was extremely needed and well appreciated. After my birthday on Thursday, with a wonderful night out with my love, and the longest Friday work day there has ever been, Joe and I started our vacation! We technically didn’t leave for vacation until Labor day, but a weekend where neither of us had to work was the perfect start to our relaxation. 

My parents had a condo reserved in Dunedin, Fl for the week and asked if Joe and I wanted to join them. Of course we decided it would be a perfect bout of relaxation that we both needed after a couple of draining work weeks for both of us. And that it was. Full of sunsets, swimming, family, laughs, Busch Garden animals and rides, a little bit of lack of sleep and walks on the beach. 


perfect day at the beach

Going to the beach has always made me think, God’s beauty is so evident, it’s very hard to ignore, and I often leave with an updated view on things. This time I thought a lot about Joe and my marriage, how very happy he makes me, and the things I have learned since we’ve been married. 

Marriage Lessons Thus Far: 

  • I had heard friends and family say that they loved their significant other so much more after they were married. This was something that almost worried me before our wedding. I already loved Joe so much, what if I didn’t feel any different afterwards…well I don’t know how, or in what way really, but they were definitely right. Looking at Joe and knowing he is my HUSBAND, for the rest of our lives each other’s better half, it is cringe-worthy mushy stuff, how happy it makes me. I love little moments, especially at vacation that I am reminded how lucky I am to be married to my best friend.
  • Someone once told me that they gauge whether or not they really enjoy someone’s company by imagining having to take a long car ride with them, if it’s bearable, they’d be good friends. I’ve taken several long car trips with Joe, but each time I’m reminded that I love talking to him, how he makes me laugh even when we are bored out of our minds and the importance of respecting both each others silences and their words.
  • Marriage really is about compromise. Whether it is your husband staying out at the beach longer than he normally likes, or you staying in the water with him instead of laying out because you know how much he hates being too hot. It means not always getting to watch your favorite tv shows, even watching shows you don’t really like because you know they like it. You always have to think about your spouse first, and most of the time it doesn’t really feel like a compromise because of how happy it makes you to make the other person happy
  • There is extreme truth to the statement “pick your fights wisely”.  There are many times where i have to remind myself of this, and I’m sure even more where he does the same. It is so easy to come home from work and see dishes in the sink, and the many glasses on the table and get mad, but most of the time it’s just not worth it. No point in picking fights over petty things, just enjoy each other and don’t dwell on the small annoyances
  • Having married friends is so very important and so extremely fun. We haven’t yet made new married friends, but are enjoying continuing to grow up with our college group of friends, who have all married and are building their families same as we are. It is so fun to be happily married and see people you care about find the ones perfect for them and be happy too. It is amazing the differences and less drama that is had now that we all are married and can just enjoy times together and memories and dramas of the past. 
  • Seeing Joe have fun with my childhood friends, makes my heart so incredibly full.  Both weekends around our vacation, Joe spent time with friends I have had for over 10 years and to see him get along with them and them see why he makes me so happy just makes me fall in love with him that much more.
  • On vacation, Joe got to meet my Great Aunt and Uncle that live in Tampa. Neither Joe nor I have grandparents that are still alive, and my Nana and Great Aunt were always close, we even referred to her as Aunt Nana, so really they are the closest things to grandparents I have. Both are in their mid 80’s so were unable to make the trip to the wedding, so this visit was very special. And oh was I surprised with how taken they were with Joe 🙂 I know I love Joe and I understand (most of the time) his sense of humor, but it was funny to see how they so quickly saw the same things and were able to joke easily with him as well. Family is so very important and this trip made that even more evident. 

Much more is swimming around in this head of mine, but that’s enough mushy, lovey-dovey stuff for now, enjoy the a couple more vacation pictures!




Joe on the Shekra roller coaster



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